Welcome to the webpage of PhyND research group!
We are part of the Department of Physics of Politecnico di Milano, and we are located at PoliFab, the micro-nanofabrication center of PoliMi.

We develop and use advanced methodologies for tailoring the physical properties of condensed matter systems, with precision down to the nanoscopic scale.

Our research aims to realize and study new artificial nanostructured materials and devices where to harness complex phenomena and give rise to enhanced functionalities.

News Highlights

  • WORKSHOP Advanced micro and nano-characterization of hybrid interfaces
    The 2-day workshop “Advanced micro and nano-characterization of hybrid interfaces” has just ended. Thanks to all participants, speakers and sponsors for joining and for making it such a nice success, with > 80 participants and > 30 multidisciplinary scientific talks!
  • Daniela gave an invited talk at MMM2022
    Daniela gave an invited talk entitled “Three-dimensional Nanoscale Imaging of Propagating Spin Waves via Time-Resolved X-Ray Laminography” at The 67th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM 2022)! https://magnetism.org/
  • Davide won the First Prize Best Poster Award at the EMA school of magnetism!
    Davide won the main prize for Best Poster at the 2022 European School of Magnetism, presenting his work on “Three-dimensional nanoscale imaging of propagating spin waves via time-resolved X-ray Laminography”. Congrats Davide!!!
  • Edoardo gave an invited talk at JEMS2022
    Edoardo gave an invited talk entitled “Three-dimensional Nanoscale Imaging of Propagating Spin Waves via Time-Resolved X-Ray Laminography” at the Joint European Magnetism Symposia 2022! https://jems2022.pl/
  • Daniela elected Officer at EMA
    During JEMS 2022, Daniela has been appointed as Officer of Digital networking of the European Magnetism Association! https://magnetism.eu/
  • New Review on thermal SPL out in Nature Reviews Methods Primers
    Our Primer on thermally assisted scanning probe lithography (tSPL) has been published in Nature Reviews Methods Primers! We address the basics and applications of thermal scanning probe lithography, from biology to magnetism to nanoelectronics.
  • New review on Magnonics with Engineered Spin Textures
    Our new review paper “Review on Magnonics with Engineered Spin Textures” is out in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics! We cover how to stabilize spin textures, and how to use them for generating / guiding / manipulating spin waves.
  • Italian Quantum Weeks
    The Italian Quantum Weeks are a set of events promoted by Italian engineers, physicists, science communicators and educators for the first World Quantum Day (14 April 2022). The aim is to raise awareness of the quantum world and the opportunities that the quantum revolution is bringing. EU funded Project B3YOND supports the Italian Quantum Weeks in the interactive exhibition “Dire l’indicibile: la sovrapposizone quantistica”.
  • The 2021 Magnonics Roadmap is out on Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
    The 2021 Magnonics Roadmap, with our contribution in the section “Interaction of Magnons with Spin textures” is out in Open Access on the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.
  • Early-career EMA talk is online!
    In this early-career EMA seminar by Edoardo, the stabilization of nanoscale spin textures using tam-SPL, and its applications to magnonics are discussed.

Research activities

Tools for controlling physics at the nanoscale are crucial for the development of new paradigms in optics, electronics and spintronics.  We develop advanced techniques based on thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL) and direct laser writing, for crafting the physical properties of materials via physical, structural or chemical modifications.

We develop and use thermally assisted magnetic nanopatterning (tam-SPL), in combination with nanolithography, for patterning multidimensional spin-textures in magnetic multilayers, such as domains, domain walls and topological solitons. Then, we use such spin textures for controlling and study the emission and propagation of spin waves in magnetic thin films.

We control at the nanoscale the electronic and spin transport properties of thin-films in phase-change materials and complex oxides, and develop new artificial nanomaterials and devices with engineered electronic transport properties, arising from the proximity and coexistence of different structural and electronic phases.

Projects & Funding

Our research received funding from the following agencies and programmes.

European Commission
H2020 Programme
European Research Council
Eurostars Programme
Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions
H2020 CalipsoPLUS Project

Take a look at our current and past projects!

H2020 ERC Starting Grant
Project B3YOND (948225)


Eurostars Project

H2020 MSCA Fellowship
Project SWING (705326)